Fall 2015 Meeting Agenda


06:30pm on 09/08/2015 at Marchesa Hall, 6226 Middle Fiskville Rd. Austin TX 78752 :: https://goo.gl/RTF0E5

Meeting Agenda

  • Allow online voting for HNA. Motion to amend our by-laws to allow online voting as an additional alternative to current allowed methods. A sign in sheet, containing all current HNA members, is used at the in-person meeting, where current members can vote on issues. Any current HNA members who did not sign in will receive an invite, via email, to participate in the online vote. Both online vote and in person tallies will be combined into one single tally.
    • There is no given reason that only those able to attend in person should be able to vote. Many people work during our usual meeting times, or require expensive child care, or transport.
    • Some issues are sensitive, and allowing people to vote in privacy may result in a more accurate representation.
    • Online voting is hosted by Helios Voting, which offers anonymous, verifiable voting system. An individual’s vote will remain private at all times, and the final tally cannot be amended by an administrator, and is visible to all. Tampering with any aspect of this system is essentially impossible. This system hinges on HNA having every member’s email address.
  • Join Friends of Austin Neighborhoods, an Austin based grassroots movement that “support the kinds of changes that will enhance the affordability, inclusivity, connectivity, mobility, and quality of life in our neighborhoods.”
  • Decide on HNA’s future home. Current options include The Marchesa & Gateway Baptist Church on Guadalupe.
    • While The Marchesa generously has offered us this space free of charge, our excellent bar tender deserves to be reimbursed by more than just tips. In the past, and including today, we’ve paid for this out of pocket. We’d like to suggest the HNA pays this fee from now on, without reimbursing any past expenditures.


  • Tyler Buckingham, New Travis County Civil & Family Courthouse Bond Campaign Presentation
  • Jim Wittliff, Land Answers, Inc / NXNW developer on Dillard Circle
  • Annette Almendarez, new Interim Principal @ Reilly Elementary
  • Greg Casar (unlikely, will be in middle of council budget session)


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