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  1. Gordon Lewis says:

    Volunteer opportunity at Art City Austin

    Hello I’m Gordon,

    I am a Volunteer Committee Member of Art City Austin, an iconic Austin weekend-long arts festival. This year’s festival will take place March 31st – April 2, 2017. I am reaching out to see if you and your group would be interested in volunteering. 
The festival attracts 20,000 attendees each year and requires 200 volunteers to make this event a success. We are looking for volunteers in all areas including greeting attendees at the front gates, helping with crafts in the kids block, sell merchandise and promote Art Alliance Austin, assist artists and many more opportunities. Volunteers who work a full shift will receive free admission into the festival. 

If you would like to sign up as a group, it’s best to email me so I can set up a schedule that allows your whole group to get times/shifts where they’ll be volunteering together. 

We also welcome individual volunteers as well. Individuals can go to the website below to choose and sign up for a shift.

    Please pass this along to anyone else who may be interested. 


    Gordon Lewis Art City Austin

  2. Hey there looking to talk to President Nick P.

  3. Jack Lozano says:

    I am a resident at the Lamar Place Apartments over at Lamar Pl. and Burns. There are 5 buildings within our complex – the Emily, the Austin, the Bowie, the Crockett, and the Daniel. Our management recently sent us a letter notifying us that beginning May 1, all guest parking spots at all buildings will be removed and guests will no longer be allowed to park in any of our parking lots. They did not provide us a reason for this decision, even though there appears to be ample space for guests and there have not been any space issues I am aware of.

    Management has directed residents to have all guests park on the street, and they have told us that there is “sufficient” parking along the city streets around the buildings. However, this is simply not the case – almost all of Burns Street is either a fire lane or is lined with driveways. There is only enough parking along Lamar Place for a few cars. I feel like because of this, there will be a large increase of Lamar Place guests parking in front of the single family homes of the Highland Neighborhood adjacent to us, and so I feel it is a concern I need to bring up with you.

    If this is a concern to you and the neighborhood, please contact our management office to express your concern and encourage them to rethink this policy change. They can be reached at (512) 420-0052, or by email at

    I appreciate your consideration. Thank you.

  4. Hello
    My name is Zachary Heine. I have been in touch with the city of austin about filming at highland neighborhood park for a couple hours on Friday.

    I was trying to find a contact at the Hna that might be able to discuss this with me.

    My phone number is 512-694-4724

    Whenever we film we provide proof of insurance and a location fee. Would love to discuss.

  5. Leann says:

    I am trying to get a copy of the most recent Highland newsletter

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