May 13th, 2015 Exec Committee Meeting Notes

Agenda and results

1. Highland NA has been invited to join a new neighborhood association, Friends of Austin Neighborhoods. Should we join?

– Decided to ask FAN to present at June public meeting

2. Updates on Lamar Working group – working with Crestview, Greg, on prioritising problems on N. Lamar, primarily traffic issues at this point.

3. Crestview’s Morrow Gate – we have been asked if we support the removal of the gate

– We do

4. CoA’s Budget in a Box – should we take part?

– Decided Yes. Will post to listserv / FB once we have more details.

5. CoA’s Community Development Commission – the CDC is made up of 8 council picks, and seven appointees from various Austin Neighborhoods. N. Lamar / Rundberg neighborhood would like their neighborhood to be one of the 7 listed neighborhoods on the CDC, and has asked for Highland’s endorsement.

– We do

6. 4th of July – where, how when?

– Looks like we’ll be doing this in our new Park on St John’s, 4th of July. Free beer from Blackstar, Pot Luck, Fire truck, the usual. More details in newsletter once established.

7. Dorothy John’s Triangle. Who’s our mystery mower? Should we re-hire the professional mower we used last year?

– I’ll investigate some likely suspects. Regular mowing in the summer is extremely important to stop burrs and other weeds. We’ll schedule around wildflowers, events, etc.

8. Property Tax results

– We have a few resources, we’ll collate and send out a package of info to listserv / FB

9. Highland Mall now officially closed – should we ask ACC for an updaet at next meeting?

– Yes.

Motion to adjourn made by Alex, seconded by Nick, passed 8-0. Just kidding.

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