Meeting notes for 09/08/2015

HNA will be voting on a couple of issues during this meeting, here’s a quick list of meeting notes to address most questions.

  • Whether to add online voting to our accepted list of voting methods in our bylaws.
    • Online votes will be added to in-person votes for a combined tally. Every HNA member who attends a meeting in person will be allowed to vote in person. All other members, who did not attend the meeting, will be invited to participate in an online vote via email, run by Once the online election is over (usually after a short period of time has elapsed, probably 48 hours), both the online and the in person votes will be added to find the final results.
    • If we agree to accept online voting, online voting will not come into effect before our next HNA meeting in December.
    • Online voting depends on us having a working email address for you. No email, no vote. We will set up a simple system for you to add, and update, your email address if you are a HNA member. Online voting, and giving us your email, is completely optional and not required.
    • If you want more information about the online voting system’s anonymity, vote verification, security, whether it’s possible the the administrator can meddle with the results (hint: they can’t), check out It’s a complicated mathematical system using encryption and designed by legal and maths professors, and well beyond my pay grade.


  • What HNA’s new permanent meeting home should be.
    • During my time, we’ve met at Gateway Baptist Church on Guadalupe and Denson, and at the Marchesa Theatre. We’ll be voting on whether to return to Gateway Baptist, or stay at the Marchesa permanently.
    • Our spring meeting has always been a pot luck at T. A. Brown elementary school, and will remain so.
    • The owner of the Marchesa has provided us this space for free. She has also given us the services of her bar manager, who helps setup, tear down, run the bar, and who knows what else. So far, she has gifted us his services at this, and the previous meetings. This may not last, and I would like us to vote on whether HNA would be willing to reimburse the owner for his services. The room is free, people are not. It’s $18 per hour, twice a year, coming to about $72  per annum (the December meeting already has an event with bar staff, and we’ll meet in the Theater in stead of the lobby).
    • We currently donate $100 to Gateway Baptist church per year for their room.


  •  Whether to join Friends of Austin Neighborhoods (FAN)
    • FAN is a fairly new grassroots organisation that seeks to ensure that all voices in neighborhoods are represented, instead of just the traditional single family home owners.
    • Check out their website here:
    • The first year is free. Once the next cycle comes around, we can decide whether we want to remain paid members.


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