Minutes for 06/13/17 HNA General Meeting



Nick does intro to share info about notices / permits / etc.

  • Multi-family structure on south side of St. Johns – pretty big structure, 6 lots that zigzags to Kawnee and St. Johns/Guadeloupe
    • Applied for permit, didn’t ask for variance
    • Parking will be underground
    • Four two-story structures (or two four-story structures?)
    • No design or architecture documents attached
  • 608 W St Johns variance has been postponed in order to clarify the language
  • Press release from highland mall redevelopment to announce next phase
    • Some of this money will help pay for Highland Park
  • Water filtration space at Highland Park – will meet to
  • Shoal Creek Trail Planned Committee Advisory Group – needs one person from our neighborhood to help with Shoal Creek trail – Alex P. is doing this (he’s also heading a tree program in Highland – they’re meeting at Blackstar tomorrow at 6 PM)
  • 311 app for code compliance – highly recommend – easy to post, they do respond
  • See newsletter for others


Joann is retiring from Treasurer duties. We all voted to still keep her on the executive committee, even though she’s not Treasurer.


Alicia VanDusen (on Deborah) – been in neighborhood about 5 years, kids go to school at Reily

We all voted to have her as Treasurer.





Officer Hyatt – APD district rep for District 3 (Highland, Northfield, Skyview)


Office hours are Tues-Fri 2-4 PM – won’t answer phone if it’s not during that time


Regional meeting – August 29th 6:30-8:00 PM commanders forum

December 27th


Yellow Brick Road – massage place has been shut down.

Got warrant and last Tuesday. Needed 3 interviews – got 7 in one day after following guys who entered and then left. Unfortunately, no arrests were made because the business was shut down. They handed in the keys to the owner and left.


Abandoned vehicle (ex: silver Honda on Northcrest) has to be inoperable – tires are flat, things are hanging off, doesn’t look drivable. If you need to report a vehicle, call Officer Hyatt – he’ll come out and tag it with an orange sticker. Then they have 48 hours to move it before it’s towed.


The city doesn’t have a dedicated graffiti unit. Now they use work order.


Marcel/St. Johns parking on Marcel leaves just one lane of drivable space. Buddhist Center, restaurants, construction workers for condos, etc. all tell them to park there. If there’s parking signs, they’re allowed to park. But if they’re within 30 feet of a stop sign or over a curb, etc. then can be ticketed.


Parking and speeding on Denson is also an issue. One resident has her driveway blocked by cars almost daily.


O’Dell house has kids smoking pot in front yard.


Austin Regional Intelligence Centers – ARIC





Eric, Central Sector VP talking about the Highland Park Greenbelt Project


Opportunity to improve the way our neighborhood accesses Highland Park. Currently only one entry point. Nothing from the south side. Need to better connect to sidewalks and build sidewalks where there are none on city property along the dry creek. The idea is to make the neighborhood more connected, especially to the park.


Small group has met with the city to see what’s possible. Then will submit proposal and get timeline, cost, etc.


October 1st deadline for application. Late 2018 for completion if approved.

We’re in the early stages but a plan needs to be put together quickly in order to meet the Oct. 1 deadline. Someone could present the plans


Cost is around $150k. They would pay for 70% (120k) and then we would need a separate neighborhood initiative to pay for the last 30% (30k). HOW:

  • Volunteer hours at $25/hour so approxijmately 1400 hours spread over 3 years
  • Donated time and talent (need ideas for how does this become beautified – could someone plan and implement a garden? Birdhouses? Dog cleanup stations? Flower garden? The catch is that we always have to maintain this. But creativity is encouraged. Other communities have built mosaic.
  • Art, etc. cost is determined by cost of materials + hours invested to build it / or if it’s professional services from a business it’s

There was vision for this in the master park plan, but not the paths specifically.


Can only do one extension at a time. Because once you hit $150k cost, the matching from the city goes down drastically

  • North extension would better connect to bike route and bus route.
  • South extension is used frequently by dog walkers. Dead-end at Swanee with piece of plywood. They’re meeting tomorrow to see if city will turn this into an actual bridge. Watershed meeting Monday at 9. Meeting to see if it’s viable per the flood plain. If the bridge can be built Eric thinks we should do this option first. Also currently it’s not legal to access it via this way – there are NO TRESPASSING signs posted.
  • Next step would be to go door-to-door because need 60% of neighbors to sign petition / agree to install sidewalk.
  • Get ideas / community members to volunteer





Natalia from the SAFE Alliance

SAFE PLACE (families & adults) + Austin Children’s Shelter (children in foster care) has merged into one organization.

Intervention (housing / healing / support) + prevention


Need volunteers for all different things – mostly are working directly with clients, some also just do office stuff, some do just one-time events like warehouse, landscaping





Update on 601 St. Johns. – Was going to be 7 units with 4 parking spots.

Now after negotiating with neighbors (because of variance), will be 5 units with 5 parking spots.

Will have one more meeting to talk with architect (Steven Oliver – OPA) about it being a neighborhood friendly design


615 O’Dell no variance so built to the max capacity.





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