Minutes for 08/09 HNA general meeting

Meeting minutes for HNA fall 2015 meeting, held at the Marchesa, doors opened at 06:30pm, meeting began 07:05pm

Annette Almendarez, interim principal at Reilly Elementary was first to speak, and gave us an overview of Reilly’s current status and programs they offer.

Jim Wittliff from Land Answers spoke to us about the proposed NXNW development at Dillard Circle, including the rezoning they’re requesting and why it’s needed. Apart from NXNW brewpub, there are other tenants looking at the warehouse as well, including Snap Kitchen – not all are known yet.

Genevieve Van Cleve from Civil and Family Courts Complex Bond Campaign gave a presentation on the New Travis Court house, and the November bond election


At this point, we voted on a few issues about day to day running of HNA

  • The question of whether to allow online voting as an alternative to existing methods passed with 14 in favor & 4 against.
  • The question of what HNA’s new permanent meeting location should be was answered with 12 for the Marchesa, and 4 for Gateway Baptist
    • The sub question of whether to offer a donation to the Marchesa for providing staff to open, run the bar, close and clean up passed with 10 in favor, 3 against.
  • The question of whether to join Friends of Austin Neighborhoods passed 15-1

After these votes, our community officer Detective Steven Gordon closed us down, giving his farewell address. With his promotion to detective, he will no longer remain in the community officer role. We should get a new officer assigned soon.

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