It’s My Park Day this Saturday!

Hey Highlanders! Looks like good weather for IMPD on Saturday. Austin Parks & Rec will be dropping off at least one large pile of mulch for the large live oak trees. These trees are the central feature of the park design and our only source of shade, so it is important that we preserve them for the years to come! These events only happen twice a year, so come show your park and its trees some love!

Please head over to the Highland’s IMPD page at Austin Parks Foundation and fill out the registration form. This accomplishes 3 things: 1) you won’t have to do the paperwork on Saturday when you arrive and (2) it lets us know how many to expect when we go shopping for some alimentation for hungry workers, and 3) you get a free T-shirt! WHAT?! You read that right, A FREE T-SHIRT! And all you have to do is come out to the park, hang out with your neighbors and wield a shovel.

It’s a quick registration form--just a couple of minutes. I hope we have the same problem as last year with too many people and too little work 🙂 We will have some tools on hand, but if you have a wheelbarrow, shovel and gloves, please bring them. Help out our burgeoning park!

See you Saturday!


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