Park Master Plan

The master plan, created with collaboration between Highland, University Hills Optimists sports group, PARD and Norris Design, is an exciting vision of a beautiful green space we can share with our family, friends, and neighbors.

The planning process included Site Analysis and Data Collection to create Existing Conditions, Opportunities and Challenges Report; Public Outreach to develop the plans, including preliminary design concept options, a final master plan, implementation strategy, budget estimates and funding strategies. It worked within the parameters set forth by a City Council resolution from July of 2014. All those fancy words resulted in a much fancier plan for Highland Neighborhood Park.

Below are the links to the presentation of the final plans. The same links are available on the City page for the Highland Neighborhood Park Master Plan

THANK YOU to Norris Design, PARD, and all the Highland residents who have taken part in the master planning and all the hard work leading up to it! Enjoy!


March 23rd Presentation

Concept Board-Greenbelt

Concept Board-Park

Concept Board-Revised

Concept Board-Overall Master Plan

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