Survey Available for Workshop #2!

We had an amazing presentation last week from Robert Deegan of Norris design. The presentation went through the first survey results and detailed two different concepts for our future park. The survey for Workshop #2 allows you to go through each element of the park program- the creek, playground layout, 1 large or 2 small pavilions, etc- and pick which you prefer. The survey also includes several questions on most and least preferred character of various park elements.

This survey will close February 26th, and is vitally important to give Norris Design and PARD the input they need to create the final draft that will be presented March 23, 6:30-8:00, at Reilly Elementary School. Please fill out the survey so that you can let them know how this park can best serve you! We won’t be able to advertise the survey in the newsletter like last time, so please tell your neighbors to go online and fill it out too!

The presentation and survey are available here. Norris Design and PARD have truly created a beautiful vision for our neighborhood park, so enjoy!


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2 comments on “Survey Available for Workshop #2!
  1. Damon Howze says:

    I really like and prefer concept A. Great work.

  2. Smoak says:

    Where is our public pool?

    Why do we not get a public pool? This area is growing leaps and bounds and we should not have to drive miles for our summer pool.

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